What's so hard about storage migration?

Traditional migrations can take a long time and may increase your risk of downtime

Everything! But seriously, traditional storage migrations can be incredibly complex projects that require a lot of time, money and effort to execute properly.

The first thing to think about is how much time your IT team needs to devote to the project. Most migrations are planned (more on un-planned migrations next time) but that still means additional load on your team. Typical IT teams are lean anyways, so most organization don’t have a lot of extra capacity to manage a complex multi-month projects. But it has to be done, so you form a team to manage the project on top of everything else they are working on.

You will probably need specialized outside help. Storage experts, network experts, Database Administrators, App Devs – it’s hard to say, but typically you will need to utilize an outside System Integrator that can deep dive into the technology stack, and one that’s done this type of project before.

How long will the project take? That depends, on a lot of factors. How much data is being moved? What type of data is it? Is it block or file data? What are your maintenance windows? What is the transaction rate of the application? How much testing is required to validate the data? Your project manager will do their best to estimate these challenges, but on average, projects run about 30% longer than expected. So, a 12 month project (which is typical) could easily go over 15 months, so you will need to build that in, and make sure to set expectations appropriately.

Cost: $15,000/TB is a pretty good average from what we have seen – your mileage may vary. This translates into 2x what you paid for the empty storage initially. Migration project are not cheap.

Risks are mostly involved with unanticipated downtime due to human error. In a project this complicated, deleting a file on accident, or not moving something required by the application stack is a real issue. Fortunately, most of these errors will be caught by a comprehensive test plan – which never gets trimmed down to speed things up and reduce cost. Right?

Parsec LightSpeed can automate your storage migration projects, speeding them up, reducing your risk of human error, and dramatically reducing your project costs. If you’d like to learn more, contact us.