• The new way to transport and transform data

    Multi-protocol Support

    FC and iSCSI (for Block)
    IP (for NFS, CIFs and Object)
    all in one tool.

  • The new way to transport and transform data

    Long Haul Replication (LHR)

    LHR uses a secure, highly scalable
    transport protocol to move data
    within and between data centers
    around the world.

  • The new way to transport and transform data

    Cross-platform Replication (CPR)

    CPR replicates data from like to unlike storage systems, including available cost-effective storage, while maintaining near real-time data integrity.

  • The new way to transport and transform data

    One Solution

    A self-contained appliance, with
    no need to buy additional hardware.

Managing data the old way

Migration project expenditures are on average 200 percent the cost of enterprise storage

Enterprise storage migration costs can exceed US$15,000/TB migrated

Planning can assume up to 70 percent of time on data migration projects


Parsec Enterprise Data Portability is a unique single product for large scale migrations. With extremely flexible configurations, it adapts to suit your migration needs and lets you optimise your storage.
It supports all protocols, is quick and easy to deploy, and includes security for long haul and cross-platform replication.

Find out more about Parsec Enterprise Data Portability, the new way to manage data at scale.

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One tool to migrate structured and unstructured data

Securely migrate data on demand

Reduce typical migrations pains for data owners

Reduce Cap-ex and Op-ex outlay

Dramatically decrease migration project duration

Avoid vendor lock-in