Storage Migration

Data Migration at Scale

Large scale data migration from one storage array to another is a complicated and costly project. It is not uncommon for Enterprise Data Migration projects to take up to a year, involve thousands of man hours, and add up to millions of dollars in total cost. For hosting providers that have multiple customers on a single storage array, the problem is even harder. In order to perform the migration, they must plan, discover, coordinate and schedule maintenance windows for multiple clients with a variety of applications and uptime requirements.

Making this more complicated is trying to migrate off of one storage array to another while dealing with a variety of file and block protocols (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI & Fibre Channel) in use by the applications. Storage vendors have tools available but these don’t support vendor to vendor migrations.

Introducing LightSpeed ®

Parsec Labs LightSpeed is the only product that supports all of these protocols in a single product for large scale data migrations. LightSpeed attaches to the network in between your applications and data and acts as an intelligent controller to mirror LUNs from one storage array to another. LightSpeed scans and discovers your storage devices, maps to the new storage arrays, and automatically begins migrating data. User defined policies and scheduling allow for intelligent routing and minimal impact on existing workloads.

Once the data has been moved to the new array, a minimal cut over window is required to activate the new storage and redirect the clients.

LightSpeed dramatically reduces the risk of user error, minimally impacts existing workloads, and speeds up migration projects by up to 50%. In addition, the number of engineers and admins required is minimized.

Advanced Technology

  • File level filtering by policy – maintain control of migration right down to the file level. Set up the easy-to-configure policy that can move data to your preferred storage media and location.
  • File system independent namespace preservation – migration with LightSpeed does not require you to change the file system name space or file path. Instead of disrupting your environment, LightSpeed allows you to keep the original file name and path regardless of what file system or media (SSD, HDD) the file is located.
  • Live migration of open files, independent of application type or version - another truly novel LightSpeed innovation is the ability to migrate partial files, even while those files are open, regardless of what application and application version you are using without disruption. This, in turn, frees up additional space for optimal efficiency.