Dedicated Appliance


Applications that require large datasets are often impacted by aging server hardware and poor network and internet connectivity. Often this causes customers to become unhappy with application performance. Many times, this can be solved by upgrading to faster hardware and storage. Yet most organizations resist hardware upgrades since they are trying to reduce their hardware spend and datacenter footprint. The result is an unhappy customer that may start looking at competitive products or newer cloud applications and architectures.

HyperQ is uniquely suited to solve this problem. It’s data caching, acceleration and routing features means that it can deliver a large amount of data to applications even on slow networks. Applications that run on a dedicated HyperQ appliance can be monitored and patched remotely, allowing customers to always be on the latest release. This allows software vendors to provide all of the benefits of a cloud architecture without rewriting any code.

Technical Benefits of HyperQ as a Dedicated Application Platform

  • Dramatically improve application performance even under high load
  • Move off customer hardware
  • Remotely upgrade existing customers who are not current
  • Remotely patch existing customers
  • Offer remote monitoring and management services
  • Offer Disaster Recovery as a Service to customers (no downtime)
  • Enable application management from a mobile device – i.e. iPad control from the factory floor.

  • If you are looking for a way to improve application performance and to add cloud-like features without a major rewrite, contact us today!