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Minneapolis Core Dev Team

You too can be a part of our Minneapolis Core Dev Team #awesomedevs#changingthefaceofdatamobility if you have what it takes!

We believe in stepping outside the boundaries of conventional thinking to develop something extraordinary.

At Parsec Labs, you can make an immediate difference working on an innovative product that is changing the way the world manages data. We are always looking for talented self-starters to join our team. If interested, please send your resume to

Current Openings
Packaging and Deployment Engineer
Primary responsiblity: Package and deploy the product and Monitoring packages
Skills: Jenkins, Linux, apt, Python, Ruby gems, Apache/Passenger, Puppet, Chef, git, Kubernetes, Docker
2-5 years experience
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Software Engineer - Database Specialist
Expert Skills: PostGres, MySQL, MariaDB; Strong preference given to this plus a NoSQL background: Couch, Couchbase, Cassandra
Skills: Message queue(RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Kafka, ActiveMQ), Meso, Python (highly experienced), PSQL, SQLAlchemy, Ruby (Bunny gem), Go, Minio
2 - 5 years experience
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