Why Parsec Labs?

Today's businesses need to maximize their storage requirements, while saving time and money. The traditional storage vendor solution is to just buy more storage at ever-increasing prices. Even if you have unlimited space and budget, what about the cost and time spent on complex data migrations or sending files to and from remote offices? What about streamlining Flash and Cloud storage into one solution?

Meet the Parsec Labs HyperQ®:

The HyperQ® acts as a storage router for your existing storage devices. It manages and optimizes your existing storage through means of:

  • accelerated access to data through an SSD cache
  • seamless data migration and expansion to other devices, including the Cloud
  • the combination of Flash and Cloud in one elegant solution

The HyperQ® is ideal for companies that need scalable, adaptive data storage that optimizes both new and existing storage. The HyperQ® is easy to configure and manage, and gives you greater control over your entire storage environment with little to no service interruption. It is also ideal for businesses that have remote or branch offices – allowing remote sites access to distributed data as if it were local.

It is the HyperQ®’s mission to maximize available storage and performance, both throughput and IOPS, with minimum administration effort, cost, and downtime.